All you wanted to know about KNOX Void Warranty 0x1


Recently, Samsung announced that her all new devices will get an Android 4.3 update that includes KNOX Security system. According to Samsung, these devices will get the update:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsyng Galaxy Note II
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (already has KNOX Security system)

Most of the users don’t root their devices and use it normally and for them KNOX Security system is a great option.

But what happanes if we want to root our device?
Now the problem begins.

Normal(unrooted and so..) devices are flaged as KNOX Void Warranty 0x0 right from the factory.
When we flash items which weren’t signed by Samsung, it flags your device as KNOX Void Warranty 0x1.
According to Chainfire, KNOX status is indeed an eFuse. This means that even JTAG can not reset the KNOX status back to 0x0.

Some facts about KNOX status:

  • It isn’t possible to downgrade to KNOX-disabled firmwares/bootloaders (An attempt sets 0x1) (even though some people state, downgrade is possible when omitting the bootloader file in a firmware package). By downgrading from KNOX-enabled to KNOX-disabled firmware, your devices will be locked to installation of newer firmwares.

Let’s focus on that fact. As we mentioned above, Devices like S4, S3 and Note II which came without KNOX will get the KNOX system.For example, S4 I9505 got about a month ago 4.2.2 update that includes KNOX-enabled system(MH1). If you try to downgrade to KNOX-disabled system(MGA for example) your device will be flaged as KNOX Void Warranty 0x1 and will get a special lock – you won’t be able to update to any KNOX-enabled firmware even by ODIN.  Samsung’s 4.3 update is KNOX-enabled, so if you tried to downgrade to KNOX-disabled firmware(for example MH8->MGA), you won’t be able to install 4.3 update.
This problem is only for devices which didn’t come with KNOX-enabled system from the factory(S4, S3 and Note 2)
Jeffery Butler confirmed this information:

FYI…Samsung told me that Knox warranty becomes 0x1(void) when the device with secured bootloader attempts to have non-secured bootloader. MH1 is the very first binary with secured bootloader. If MH1 is attempted to be downgraded to lower version(i.e. MGD) which has non-secured bootloader, then Knox warranty becomes void forever, and this means that the device can be used only for non-Knox device(no container can be created).

If you try to downgrade to KNOX-disabled firmware, you can’t install any new firmaware(that includes KNOX-enabled system) and use your device only with the old firmwares.

  • Even if you flash a KNOX-enabled firmware via odin (e.g. the latest fw) knox will be set to 0x1.
  • Flashing unsigned or modified images via odin will set knox to 0x1.

According to these two, flashing root/kernel/recovery/latest firmware by samsung/etc. will set KNOX status to 0x1.

  • Samsung stated, resetting the flag is impossible.

Chainfire confirmed that it is impossible to reset the flag.

  • KNOX is mandatory and can not be completely removed.

In custom roms we can remove KNOX apps, but the status remains 0x1.

  • Warranty Void is not a counter, it is a flag (0,1). We have never seen 0x2 or so.
  • Mirroring all partitions from a clean 0x0-Device to a 0x1-Device via JTAG produces an unfunctional device (reversible by restoring the 0x1 partitions on the phone).

Using JTAG or other repair tools to reset the flag is impossible.

  • KNOX bootloader verifies signatures of kernels and recoveries. No custom ones possible without voiding the knox warranty.

Again, if we flash kernel/recovery/etc. we will void the warranty.

This si how 0x1 looks like:

This is how 0x0 looks like:

I guess you are asking yourself now, what the hell 0x1 means?
If your device is flageed as 0x1. you should forget about your warranty.
Chainfire and other people confirmed that your can’t use your warranty:

Worse than that, I’ve also been hearing that service center instructions are indeed that devices with this status tripped will not receive any warranty repairs. (Of course, the action they take may still depend on the service center). Their excuse is that the hardware is damaged by the owner. Seems Samsung is catching up in scumbaggery to HTC, who years ago attributed my HTC Diamond’s screen damage (digitizer detached) to the installation of HSPL 🙂

To anyone in the know it is obvious that this doesn’t really fly, and the eFuse blowing (is this the hardware damage?) is intentionally done by the bootloader when unsigned software is loaded.

If you want to read the whole Chainfire’s statement, click here.

What is eFUSE? it’s a technology that allows reprogramming a read-only memory chip in real-time, even though such chips come with hard-coded code that cannot be generally changed after manufacturing.
When flashing unofficial software on the device, the status of the system and KNOX is switched to CUSTOM while increasing a binary flash counter, which helps Samsung find out whether the device has been tampered with. However, while Chainfire’s TriangleAway app has let users switch the status back to official and reset the flash counter until now, the KNOX status is based on eFUSE – basically, once you flash custom kernels or root the Note 3, the KNOX code gets rewritten, and this constitutes hardware damage.

Well, all I can say is think twice before you play with your Samsung device. If you don’t care about warranty, and you like custom roms and cool stuff just be aware of this information and continue with what you are doing.

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  • Kees Stolk

    I am wondering if this new Knox warranty thing is in line of Europe warranty rule which states that Samsung has to proof the device malfunctioned be caused it was customized..

    • tamirda

      Amm, American Note 3 models already have this KNOX Void status, but I9500 have not received yet the update, I guess it is not only for europe but we have to wait and see.

  • abenigma

    quick question regarding these methods, what would happen to a carrier modified rom? if for example orange or cellcom decided they want to add their own software or any other carrier in europe or the US, would it mean that you have a void warranty?

    • dagwood33

      the part of this I love most is that if chainfire says so, it must true!!! all im gonna say is there is always a way…..

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  • erunamo

    This article has non real “facts”. If you have the flag to 1 (know warranty voided) you will be able to upgrade to any firmware know-enabled, BUT you will not be able to use knox features (i.e. no knox container can be created).
    So in the end the “only” thing is that if you have the flag set to 1, you cannot use know and “maybe” your warranty is voided (that is yet to confirm, because it seems that every country has their own laws in this matter… for example it seems that in EU the warranty will not be voided by this flag)

    • Tamir Daniel

      I guess you have not read the whole article.
      If you downgrade from a Knox enabled rom to a knox disabled rom, your device will be flaged again and you will not be able to upgrade any more – already proofes in XDA.
      There is not problem in upgrading from 1 to another, the problems begin when you downgrade.
      About the warranty – alot of people reported , even chainfire, that they sent their devices with 0x1 to repair and the repair center said – no warranty.

      • marty

        I just sucsesfully upgraidet my s4 via odin to 4.3 with knox warranty void

    • keendark

      I can confirm that in the UK the 0 x 1 will void your warranty, even for hardware manufacturing faults. My screen on my S4 is coming away from the digitizer and somehow the possibility that I have had a non-approved rom on it is enough to cause this fault. This comes from the service center and from samsung direct who I phoned to shout at.

    • keendark

      Also, I knew nothing about knox. I rooted and installed custom rom the day I got my phone 6 months ago because of all the bloatware. It was only when I upgraded to the latest firmware to fulfill their ridiculous warranty terms that I triggered it.

  • Well, damn it! I just voided my warranty (if there is no special rules for the EU). So now I know that i shouldn’t buy a Samsung phone again… (weird that they have a unlocked bootloader if we aren’t allowed to use it … )

    • micsen

      There is special rules in eu (Atleast here in Norway) where we have a legal (Complaint right) law that state that the phone should last 5 years with normal use and that the seller has to prove that you damaged the device. Samsung attempted to blame loose screen connection on the motherboard because i had rooted my phone. However after a bit of research and legal advice they suddenly changed their mind and replaced the motherboard without any cost.

      • ArisKing

        hey man can we talk for specific details somewhere? do you have an e-mail?

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  • Bruno Negrini Bigliatto

    Darnet! Cann´t U just short circuit this crap ? (E – *&(¨%}^{ fuse )

  • sketaful

    Never bying Samsung device again. This is getting rediculous…

  • sketaful

    If you’re not allowed to use KNOX app when you’ve messed with your phone, then please remove the crap so it doesn’t have to interfer with my rooting…

  • scsa20

    The way I see it, if it’s bootlooping, you caused the issue, if the hardware itself is damaged in any way, shape, or form caused by faulty hardware from the manufacturer then it should be covered no matter what. Of course most companies doesn’t see it that way. Least I got insurance in case there’s any kind of damages to the hardware itself (in fact, I damaged my S3 once, dropped it and it cracked the screen. I sent it in with it still rooted and ROM’d, they didn’t say anything to me lol)

  • Tom

    I am sure Samsung has left a LOT of fans very disappointed with this move. They cannot add abitary warranty conditions after sales, surely this voids the contract by not disclosing full conditions at the point of sale. All the more demanding users will start migrating to Sony/HTC;

  • DJ


    • chris H

      0x0 means it is not tripped. if it is at 0x1 that means that it is tripped and the guy didnt do a thing for your friend.

      • xAddict3Dx

        lol, exactly..

    • dan

      0x1 Is A Tripped knox. 0x0 is not

  • Chaucers Left Testicle

    I had a system problem a day or so ago, tried to recover through KIES and found my ‘knox warranty void’ set to 0x1. Frankly, I’m beyond pi**ed off because Samsung has basically invalidated my warranty for me, by providing sub-standard software. My device was and is completely untouched by any unofficial software.

    • mistydawn

      I would call samsung if I were you and explain your situation. Surely they didn’t intend for official firmware loaded through their official samsung software to trigger the flag. I imagine it is still something they will have to work out on this relatively new implementation.

  • chris H

    you can root your Samsung without tripping the KNOX by using Kingo. Super fast, I just did it and it’s rooted and I just checked my KNOX on my note 3 and it is still 0x0.

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  • Sam

    it’s too bad. HTC locked its bootloader while ago. Sony lets to unlock, but some features will be lost(ie, bravia engine and some camera function), motorla makes expensive sheets, and…
    worst than that, even google took steps to ease this things for OEMs with the kitkat release.
    so I think we should take our hopes to chinese OEM, specially someone like Oppo which comes rooted with CM out of the box.

    anyway whats the meaning of an open source OS, which no one can change?it’s just stealing open source guys efforts.anyone using android for a while knows that many android standard features are first created by non-google developers.

    • Neel Gupta

      My next phone will probably be Motorola Ara or Xiaomi Magic Cube.
      No more Samsung android devices for me.

  • Åke Lindh

    If this means that we cant install other roms such as cyanmod etc. Why upgrade the phone with samsung orginal rom? Isnt better to wait for cyanmod to fix this KNowx problem?
    I really dont understand why samsung is doing this. Is it because Tizen is on its way?
    They dont want android on there smartphones in the future?
    Iam all for samsung but my next phone isnt going if they continue to mess this up.
    Iam off to get me a MS phone with DD,DTS Sound support. Really disapointing samsung….

  • Goyen

    Knox piss of shi… for regular user. Two years ago I jumped from Iphone to samsung. Now with this piss of samsung I am going to stay on android but never buy a samsung cellphone, my case 4 devices will be change. . .

  • stuart

    So basically samsung is preventing us from using our devices as we want and THEY are causing the hardware damage. I will asking for a full refund as my device is not fit for purpose. Ie I cant do what I want with the software. Fuck you samsung your as bad as sony and apple. Fuck it im buying an oppo n1 fuck the note 3

  • ken

    so basically, we might get 0x1 for stock rom as well?

    • Brian Hartman

      Only if you downgrade to an older (non-Knox) stock ROM.

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  • cyberart

    I never would buy a Samsung phone again, what if you need to re-install firmware due to some instability or damage to software caused by apps?? can you garranty that? this is rediculous..

    • Turd

      If the device shipped with knox then you can reflash any firmware you want. The flag only applies to unsigned kernels and software. Anything made by samsung will work fine, except previous firmwares that didn’t have knox. Anything that shipped with it will be able to swap between official samsung firmwares fine.

      • Daniel

        “Even if you flash a KNOX-enabled firmware via odin (e.g. the latest fw) knox will be set to 0×1.

        Flashing unsigned or modified images via odin will set knox to 0×1.

        According to these two, flashing root/kernel/recovery/latest firmware by samsung/etc. will set KNOX status to 0×1.”

        • Kevin

          Daniel, That is absolutely correct. Turd, you are incorrect.

  • XXvmkr

    i’m not sorry samsung and i am NEVER BUYING YOUR SHIT AGAIN!
    THAT MEANS SSDs and MOBILE PHONES you’ve lost a valuable customer and you don’t even know how valuable…

    • Toni

      I am sorry but this is SUCH a childish reply. Customers threaten this all the time. They don’t care about losing your business and you are probably going to cool off and forget you ever said that just like every other customer.

      • Harsh

        That is not a childish reply but a FACT… maybe your brain tells that it is childish.. so your brain is the childish one… samsung is not a friendly mobile or easily to handle when fixing it… cool off and forget what happen??? Hahahaha funny!!!

        • They won’t care at all if they loose you or thousands of others. Why consider one when you can make billions from others?

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  • Jed

    so this Knox thing means that if i flash a official firmware by Samsung for example i have the 4.3 Indian firmware, if i flash the 4.3 Philippine firmware will the void go 0x1?

    • jer

      No. it will not void knox. Tried it already.

      but when you try to downgrade to 4.2.2 or try to install unofficial firmwares or any outdated firmware, then your knox will be voided.

      This is based on my experience. hahah. Now i have 0x1

  • Reyn

    Ok! Now my S4 warranty is voided! So later, I do not want to buy Samsung phone again…

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  • Marcelo Reis


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  • anonymous

    Getting 0x1 is like getting AIDS

    • anon

      lol so very true

    • Octavio Cardona

      Hahahaha nice


      god damit thats fuckin humor

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  • Dale Sabin

    No more Samsungs for me. To bad I liked my S4.

  • Eric Salgado

    The weird thing is I rooted my note 3 the day I got it. Then I started reading online about it voiding your warranty so I got scared and returned it to default state. I checked my knox status and it still displayed as 0x0 did I just happen to get lucky? Or is there something I’m missing. I got my phone about 2 weeks ago. Is this still relevant?

    • Rob973

      how did you root your N3? CF-Autoroot?
      and how did you return it to default status? did you flash with odin a samsung firmware?

      • Eric Salgado

        I don’t remember exactly what I used but I think it started with a “k”. But I’m gonna find out soon enough if it worked because I had to get my phone replace through warranty due to a bad camera. So if I get the phone back it means my warranty was void and I’m out $650 dollars

        • Eric Salgado

          ok I remember. I used kingo android root

          • muz71

            hey Eric, just out of curious, I kinda got in the same situation except mine was just a volume button issue. I rooted the same way, and reverted. my count is still at 0x0 as well. Did you have any issued with your warranty after all?

          • Eric Salgado

            whats up brotha, Im happy to report that i got my replacement phone and had no problem with warranty. However the phone they gave me acts slower than the one i had which is a shame and there isnt anything i can do about it. But on the warranty side everything is all good

          • muz71

            cool thanks for the feedback, you have put me at ease, hopefully I will get back a replacement hassle free as well.

          • marcusmichelsen

            i don’t think rooting trips the counter it happens when you flash a ROM

          • Kyle

            Hey muz17 which method did you use to unroot your device ?

    • Kola

      How did you check your knox status

  • javed

    i was planing to get note 3 . but now i would not go for it. knox is the wall between samsung and us

    • marcusmichelsen

      the folks @xda are working on a workaround that lets you partition of the SD and flash from that partition which will not trip the counter..

    • Alex

      Buy a chinees phone…you can get it at half, 1/3 price. And you can’t lost warranty because “you don’t have from the begining…” Samsung now is a piece of shit… And I bought a Note 3…. I just hear after I buy it, about this motherfucker KNOX SHIT…. From now on, I will but jut secondhand phone… Why to buy I new phone, if I lost warranty? …or I will buy some nameless shit, but I will don’t pay for “Shitsung”…. FUCK YOU IDIOT SAMSUNG…put your phones in your assholes…

  • john

    Last two devices were Samsung’s . The next one won’t be, no matter how curved and flexible their screen will be.
    Samsung can go and KNOX themselves.

  • Keendark

    I managed to restore from custom to 4.3 using odin and retain 0 x 0 warranty but then triggered it rooting so as I can reset flash counter

  • Keendark

    I managed to restore from custom to 4.3 using odin and retain 0 x 0 warranty but then triggered it rooting so as I can reset flash counter

  • Javon

    Well good thing I can use my Tmobile Warranty instead. HAHAHA

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  • Samsung_Pissed_Me_Off


  • Andrei

    Couldn’t care less about warranty, but if I understand correctly, I won’t be able to go back to newer stock firmware if I wanted to.

  • Tony Shi

    so if i flash my stock rom that came with my note 3 will it still trigger knox?

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  • Shubham Kastwar

    I have gt i9500 with 4.3 knox 0x1 will or will not be able to update in 4.4.2

  • Fabsmurf

    Samsung is planning to NOT sell any phones in de future.
    Stupid….no problem, no Samsung for me anymore.

    Phone manufacturers enough. Goodbye Samsung.
    Stick knox in a place where the sun don’t shine

  • Mohammed Taher

    I dont understand why Samsung wants us to use touch wiz which is so heavy with no features if root ; probably they should also stick to stock

  • Mohammed Taher

    My friend got a nexus 5 and no problem as such he modifies his device as he likes I am most likely switching 2

  • mistydawn

    You know, I get the whole warranty flag thing. Too many people who don’t know what they’re doing brick their phones then just take them back and get a full warranty replacement. But locking down the bootloader on 4.3 and using the KNOX warranty flag to prevent updating your phone in the future is ludacris. If they want to say hey, root and rom at your own risk but we’ll know and won’t give warranty service if you do…fine…great…whatever. But preventing me from upgrading/updating my phone just because I chose not to care about the warranty is stupid. My phone isn’t even under warranty anymore but since my phone had the 4.3 OTA update installed when I tried to reinstall my CM Recovery it set my flag and now I can’t do sh*t to mod the d4mn thing. Stuck with half a$$ root and stock rom. BLEH Samsung (and Verizon for this stupid unlockable bootloader). KEEP OPEN SOURCE OPEN!!!

  • matt

    How do you check to see if the knox counter has been flagged or not?

    • Bruno

      Start your phone in download mode (volume down + menu + power button). Once started, you will see in the top corner the info. Mine already flagged and wifi doesn’t work. Phone is 4 months old… never Samsung phone again.

  • Vitor

    I like to have control over what I purchase. I dont wont Knox on my phones so it is time to change of brand and let Samsung playing with themselfes.

  • nobody

    So, if your device gets broken (say your sound is failing) and knox = 0x1 u cant return it! But what if they can’t see the knox 0x1 flag? i think if u put a thick cable around the phone (say 4 times arount the phone with a thick cable) put an AC welding device on it to create a strong magnetic field (somthing like induction) for a couple of seconds, and they will never see the knox 0x1 flag 😀 (don’t do it to long… or it becomes visible)

    • Billy64

      What about 5 seconds microwave oven? 😉

  • Frank Moolah

    I know the next phone I get most definitely won’t be from Samsung.

  • That’s NOT TRUE. Is the “knox warranty” that is void (meaning your device is no more secure for KNOX operations) but the PHONE warranty is intact and can not be voided in this way.

  • Tomek

    1. There is no Knox flag in Odin mode on my SGS 3 JB 4.3 stock. Do I have Knox? (I flashed recently)
    2. I want to make it 100% stock using saferoot and triangle away. Will i manage to do it?
    3. Is better to do factory reset or flash stock with Odin to avoid tripping Knox?

  • Rainbow Dash

    I guess it’s time to switch to Oppo, goodbye Samsung, wont miss you and your fucktard Knox.

  • R4DK0

    0x1 day one, hehe. But what alternatives are there? Besides Oppo and Nexus? I like my battery replacable and the microSD is something I cant live without.

  • mJZ

    I’ve got Galaxy S4, before I had Galaxy S.. I’ve been using Cyanogenmod for years as I hate all sorts of bloatware aka turd apps added to standard roms. Samsung apps are rubbish, I don’t want them but with standard rom you have no choice but to keep them on your phone. Hey, Samsung. I;d like to have a choice. Surely I won’t be buying another phone from you again.

  • Kaya

    I understand the warranty void.
    I have galaxy s5..
    That we can’t flash updates with odin is insaine!
    Surely you are the leader of mobile phones.
    But don’t forget even big players can fallen.

    Look at antuttu benchmark the highest rating is from ONEPLUS ONE.
    Cyanogenmod company own this phone.
    Cyanogenmod is still not big only under the rom downloaders/flashers.
    Wait and see…

    I love you samsung but really don’t push It with this knox nonsense..

  • Mirrrr

    Nasty part is that i never even knew about it. I just had a problem with my phone. Factory reset didn’t do anything so i took an android from when it still worked.

  • James

    Been a Samsung fan for many years. Practicly everything techwise I have, have been and is Samsung. I’ve had SGH-T919 (first samsung touch phone) S2, Note, Note 2, and now S5. I’ve loved them because I have been able to do/configure it the way i want. And play around with it. Not being locked in a cage like with *cough* Apple products *cough*

    But this KNOX bs takes the price. I will most likely not buy another Samsung phone unless they remove this shit in the future. Unfortunately i just purchased my S5 and rooted/installed custom firmware as i’ve always done. My warranty is gone after day 2, had it for 2 weeks now.

    BAAD karma Samsung!! very BAD!

  • EJLaz

    What if instead of resetting it, can the developers make the system only recognize 0x0 or replace the 0x1 code to 0x0 just so it will only flag knox warranty void 0x0 no matter what. Is that possible?

  • Grant Logan

    Wow…Apple will warranty jailbroken iPhones…hell, they’ll warranty water damaged iPhones. What the hell Samsung?

  • Matthew

    Does this mean it’s bricked and you cant do anything anymore?

  • SkOrPn

    I wish I had spent more time researching Samsung devices before buying and rooting my TAB S. No more Samsung devices for me, back to Nexus only I guess. As far as I am concerned, this is nothing short of 100% pure consumer terrorism, and they deserve nothing short of prison terms for creating something like this. I’m going to make sure no one I know, and its in the hundreds of people, will not ever buy another Samsung device. No more Samsung TV’s, no more samsung tablets or phones, no more Samsung PC hardware, nothing at all from them. So long you criminals at Samsung, you just lost tens of thousands of dollars in profit from me alone…

  • Syn

    Towelroot does not set off Knox. And to unroot, simply use the SuperSU unroot in the app. My Knox Warranty Void is 0x0. No problems here.

    • Syn

      Oh, Galaxy Note 3, in case anyone wants to know.

  • Zukmaidik

    You should consider trying to turn in the phone for repair or whatever you want covered by the warranty because I repaired my phone with the KNOX flag set to 0x1, and they didn’t mention it or charge me anything, they just updated the firmware, changed the battery (which was the problem) and returned it to me.

  • Pascal Serveurperso

    Samsung is stupid because if we need to use the waranty for any hardware
    failure, we can kill the motherboard with any ESD generator to hide the
    0x1 flag and get the free repair (motherboard or phone swap) !!!!

  • Ron Tal

    When Samsung goes Apple. Fuck.

  • Martin Østli

    i rooted my device 1/2 year ago, then my menu and return button stopped working. my KNOX Warranty 0x1 was there, they stil repaired the device for me att no cost 🙂 «Norway» i like the Note 3 and is going to me a Samsung whore a while, but everything is up to what you like..

  • kuroji

    so any of you still bought a samsung phone? haha.

  • Suros

    Samsung can screw off. Telling us that we can’t run whatever software we wish is like saying new upholstery in a car has voided the warranty on its engine. Not everyone wants their cancerous bloatware running loose and making constant requests to be active. (yeah, I keep saying no and it keeps asking me again) If they ever give me trouble about using a good, clean ROM, they can join Belkin and PNY in the list of brands I won’t touch.

  • alan price

    Triangle away is the only way to reset counter using official; firmware not any roms Period Kingrioot sets it off too the main issue is USB sometimes fucks up rooting