Users report problems with the Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update

We just announced that the Galaxy S3 update for Android 4.3 was released by Samsung a couple of days ago over the air along with the Note 2 update. Unfortunately it seems that some serious problems appeared with this S3 update, making Samsung to stop for the time being the update and cancel the same Note 2 update!


To be more specific, certain users reported that their S3 froze after the update, the lock screen was full of lags and their battery time was reduced to half after the update. Some other mentioned that their device was restarting randomly, or lost WiFi connection unexpectedly. After the aforementioned issues, Samsung halted the update and canceled for the time being the update for Note 2!


It remains to be seen whether Samsung will try to solve this problem and re-release the update or just move on to the Android 4.4 update for the devices.

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  • Sean is here.

    But to be fair, it fixed the issues I had with my 64gb card! 😀
    I’m getting severe battery drain, but that’s the worst of it after 24 hours and a no wipe install. It’ll have to be my daily driver until something better drops. Please, Samsung…fix it!

  • Zeus

    I am experiencing everything described but besides the lock ups and the battery drain still feels quicker than the last 4.1.2 version 🙂 so might live with it for a while

  • AFCA_Joost

    Why is the latest version for my android 4.1.2?

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