Samsung’s iris scanner confirmed

The implementation of an eye scanner in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 was only a rumor, but now the company confirmed it by a patent filing.


Apparently the original technology they wanted to use had limitations in being too big and expensive for a mobile device. But with the new ”Iris Scanning Function” that captures the user’s iris using the phone’s camera, things are on the right track again.

A proximity sensor and a light emitting unit provide enough … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S5 unofficial concept video

Waiting for a new flagship smartphone can be nerv-racking, especially if you’re a true Android fan. 🙂 Luckily rumored news satisfy our hunger at least for a short time. O2 Guru TV made a concept video for the Galaxy S5, showing of a slick flexible aluminium design and monster specs. We’ll know in a couple of months, if they came anywhere close to the actual S5.


Galaxy Round and recent rumors of S5 having a wraparound display are what influenced the video. … Continue reading

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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 To Have 4GB Of RAM



There has been a lot of rumors regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 5 that is reported to go on an early launch in January to February. But at the center of all the gossip, it is all about what processor the Galaxy S5 will use.

According to a new report by the Korean media, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be using a 64-bit processor, the first among Samsung’s Exynos 6 series of chipsets, that will be accompanied by 4GB of … Continue reading

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Rumor: Galaxy S5 to feature an eye-scanning sensor


With the Samsung Galaxy S4’s sales dropping, and add the Nexus 5’s unveiling this month, it’s no surprise that we’ve been hearing rumors about a Galaxy S5 to be rushed for a February launch at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) which will take place in Barcelona, Spain.

And according to more rumors and Korean reports, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be featuring an eye-scanning sensor that will let the users to unlock their Samsung Galaxy S5 by … Continue reading

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