Zero Lemon’s 7,500mAh Extended Battery For The Samsung Galaxy S5 Now Up For Pre-Order

ZeroLemon Galaxy S5

If you’re a power user or just a fan of using extended battery back covers searching for one on your new Samsung Galaxy S5, here’s some good news as Amazon has now made the 7,500mAh extended battery by Zero Lemon up for pre-order at $49.99, that will ship come May 14th.

Zero Lemon is one of the most popular extended battery manufacturer out there, and has gained quite a reputation especially with Samsung consumers. With the Zero Lemon 7,500mAh … Continue reading

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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 Root Bounty Reaches $4,000


If you are an experienced Android user, you won’t probably be able to live or enjoy your new Samsung Galaxy S5 without having to root it. With root rights, users can do tons of things and further customizations like removing bloatwares, freezing apps, patching apps, and of course, install third-party ROMs, modifications, and themes.

But to our friends who lives in the United States, who uses a different model from the standard international version of the device, it has … Continue reading

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Deal Alert: AT&T And Sprint Galaxy S5 Available For $168 On Contract

GalaXY s5 3

If we were to do a quick tally for the most popular 2014 flagship Android smartphone in 2Q, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be no doubt, the winner. And for our friends from the US who are waiting for a good deal to get their hands on one, well here’s a good one as Amazon now offers the AT&T and Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 (16GB) for just $168 on contract. Just click on the links below to … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging Cover Now Available on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S5


Built-in wireless charging. Samsung fans asked for this before with the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, only to be disappointed come launch time. And until now with the Galaxy S5, Samsung still refuses to add wireless charging on it’s high-end products as a feature which many of us consumers will be delighted about. Why? Marketing? Only Samsung knows. But this problem doesn’t come without a solution as official wireless charging covers from the S4 to … Continue reading

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Sprint Galaxy S5 Receives Small Update For Various Bug Fixes


The Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 is now receiving a small update to fix a number of issues that has been frustrating users since the device’s launched a couple of weeks back. The 41MB update will change your build number to PVPU1AND2, and fixes issues such as the loading of the stock camera application whenever you try to open it during a voice call, alarm application not responding when you try to delete an alarm, duplicating of emails whenever you move them … Continue reading

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How much does it cost to build a Samsung Galaxy S5?

When a high-end device with high selling price goes out in the stores, it is always interesting to see how much does it costs to the company to manufacture the device and therefore how much does the company gain with each piece. These figures appeared for Galaxy S5!


The device, as we all know, costs around 690-729 euros in Europe, but the question is how much does it costs to Samsung to make it. IHS … Continue reading

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