Anyone interested in Sony Xperia Z1 official wallpapers?


Well, tell me now, who doesn’t like brand new wallpapers for his Android toy? I guess no one, so if you are looking for something hot and you like the abstract wallpapers Sony chooses for its Xperia Z1 flagship then here’s your chance!

Thanks to an XDA forum member, Ben Ling (who grabbed them from the system dump) you can all download these wallpapers to your smartphone! You can download them one by one, or… all of them … Continue reading

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Confirmed – Samsung’s next flagship smartphones will have 64-bit cpu’s


After knowing that the new iPhone 5s will have 64-bit A7 CPU, Samsung’s CEO JK Shin announced that Samsung’s future flagship smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality as well – “but not in the shortest time,” he added on his interview with the Korea Times. But it should be safe to guess that the next gen Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4 will be the first two devices to implement this technology.

In the same interview, Shin acknowledged that Apple … Continue reading

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Making the android “KitKat” statue


Ever wondered how and what the process looks like creating those fancy Android-themed statues for Google’s Campus? check out these photos of android “KitKat” statue coming to life! thanks to a post  by artist Giovanni Calabrese, we now have an inside look at the Android 4.4 KitKat statue being made.

The photos which span over the course of 10-days shows the raw material in the process of being carved, transforming into a delicious looking statue.

Continue reading

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Low budget android tablets coming with new Intel chip


Android devices using Intel’s Atom chip have been around for a while now, but with no real success. there was no clear incentive to pick a relatively new and unknown architecture on the mobile market over a proven and stable architecture, ARM.

This time around, however, Intel does offer you a very clear incentive to buy its tablets. Chris Walker, general manager for tablet processors, has revealed that there are tablets in the works with an Intel chip running … Continue reading

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Meizu: enable true-octa core on all Exynos 5 devices through software update


     We all know that the current Samsung devices that are running on Exynos 5 Octa chipsets can’t actually utilize all eight cores at the same time. Both 5410 and 5420 chips can only use the four Cortex-A7 cores or the four Cortex-A15 at a time. Now Samsung has decided to fix this and yesterday the manufacturer announced its latest revision of the Exynos platform that will support simultaneous operation of all eight cores. … Continue reading

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Asus to unveil Padfone Infinity on September 17th?

According to all the latest news, ASUS is getting ready to unveil its new Padfone Infinity smartphone/tablet device, the successor to the A80 smartphone. The unveiling will take place next Tuesday (17th of September), during a special event to be held in Taipei.


No, don’t get carried away guys, the new model won’t be much different to the one you already know. It will obviously pack a Snapdragon 800 SoC to keep it snappy along with a microSD slot … Continue reading

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