Omega Rom v24 for Galaxy S4 I9505 Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat released

Omega Rom v24 for Galaxy S4 I9505 Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat

Based on firmware XXUFNB8 Android 4.4.2 (Date: 13/02/2014)
Kernel Stock XXUFNB9 with:
Selinux status set to Permissive
init.d support
Insecure & Adb Insecure
Dolphin Jetpack
ES File Explorer
Wanam xposed
Custom Installation:
Option to install Play Books
Option to install Samsung Videos
Rotation when SamsungHub.apk is removed
Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned
Rom is No Full Wipe

Installation Instructions for Omega v24:
Samsung Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat firmware needs the new bootloader to work.
This mean the knox will be triggered and your warranty will be void, read more here.
If you are ok with this then continue, else get Omega v19 with android 4.3
1. Backup your device (nadroid backup, titanium backup, efs backup … etc) and save the backup to a safe place.
2. Flash the new bootloder and modems with odin
Bootloader -> BL_I9505XXUFNAD_481100_REV06_user_low_ship_MULTI_C ERT.tar.md5
If you already have the new Kit Kat bootloader there is no need to flash it again.
Modems XXUFNB9 -> I9505XXUFNB9_GSM_LTE_Modems.tar
Power off device completely, then boot to download mode and flash bootloader (if needed) and modems with odin
Then boot to android and check if the new modem XXUFNB9 flashed ok (if wifi is not working is normal)
3. Boot to Recovery –recommended TWRP, get the latest version from here ->
and flash Omega and then boot to android.
You can flash without full wipe if you are coming from a previous Omega Kit Kat version, if not then flash with full wipe

You can download Omega v24 from Omega’s Download Center
and from your device with Omega Files Pro app.
Omega Files Pro offers two fast Direct Links with pause and resume option.

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  • markan

    Already? What is the difference versus v23?

  • bo_GasM

    There is a problem inability to run Wi-Fi

    • Tim

      Here also a wifi problem.
      Coming from v23 ( and all others before)
      I flashed the modem etc. But wifi goes off imidiatley

  • roberto

    wifi not work… i return in 4.3 🙁

  • Alan

    To get Wi-Fi working you have power off, press volume down+ menu+ power together to boot into download mode and the flash the modern with Odin. It doesn’t flash the modem properly if you use the reboot into download in the power menu.

    • freddy

      I really frustrated. My WIFI is not working. I tried everything step by step and nothing!!! Help….

  • corne

    Wifi working ok, upgrade was easy from v19, no problems. Speed improvement on usage. I turned my phone off while procedure

  • Stephen Scott

    I have the wifi all working – flash ROM – load into download mode and flash BL & Modem files, ROM is immense but can we get the new style clock apk as per other KitKat ROMs. Nice work though

  • B4st11

    After flashing the bootloader I can not flash anyone of the files.
    No moden, no recovery, no Stockfirmware form sammobile and i can not reflash the bootloader…

    What should I do?

  • seb

    I had serious problems getting it to work however now it works like a charm.
    My struggle ended with flashing omega in Omega Pro and flashing the bootloader and modem with Odin 1.85.
    The part I had problems with is that I had to be logged I as administrator and have winrar installed to see the file in Odin. Flashed bootloader and Modem simultaneously. Since then, bliss.

  • Freddy

    I really frustrated. My WIFI is not working. I tried everything step by step and nothing!!! Help….

  • jeremy

    My wifi is working fine with the new bootloader and modem but my bluetooth is not working at all will not even turn on. Was the same with v22 which i was just running up until 20 mins ago. Do you guys have a fix???

    • pwandz

      Did you get your bluetooth working again? I’m having the same issue with this rom/bootloader and now no rom I install seems to bring the bluetooth back =(

      • jeremy

        Yeah mate but i think it was blind luck. I was flashing with other roms and had one that almost bricked my phone. I was able to load cwm and flashed the backup that i made of v24 and it started working??? Dont know how this happened. Im fairly new to custom roms etc. So now im running v24 and it is working perfectly. Prob not much help wish i could give u a cut and shut solution. 🙁

        • pwandz

          Okay thanks, well at least I know it can be done now! Thanks mate

          • jeremy

            Im using fnb9 i never had to reflash modems or bootloaders i just used the same ones as i was screwing around with other devs roms. I did a full backup and saved to sd then started flashing just about nething i could get my hands on doin a full wipe everytime. Just never wiped external sd. Then as i said almost bricked my phone. Flashed the backup and it was working good as gold. As i said before i wish i could give a cut and shut answer but im stumped as to how it worked myself. Sorry bud.

          • pwandz

            Sweet, thanks again man =)

        • pwandz

          Okay just to confirm, you’re still on the same NAD bootloader? Do you recall if you reinstalled modems or wiped your media/sdcard or anything? I’m grasping at straws a little I know haha

  • Salvo

    i’s flash omega v23 on my s4, but when i go in stand by, and display turn off, in some secondes bluetooth turn off. Somebody know this problem?How i can fix?
    Sory for my bad english