Omega Rom v16 for Galaxy S4 I9505 Android 4.3 released

Omega Rom v16 for Galaxy S4 I9505 Android 4.3

Based on firmware XXUEMK9 Android 4.3 (Date: 21/11/2013)
Kernel talexop v1.3
csc Multi 32 OXXEMK3 set to EUR
Unlimited contacts can be added to sms – mms
No sms to mms conversion
sms – mms backup and restore enabled
Wanam xposed
Samsung Print Service Plugin
CPU Adjuster
Google Play Newsstand
Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned
Rom is No Full Wipe

Installation Instructions for Omega v16:
1. Backup your device (nadroid backup, titanium backup, efs backup … etc)
2. Copy rom to your device
3. Power Off your device completely
Wait a little and then power on device to download mode (Power button + Home button + Volume down button)
**If you are having the old bootloader flash GSM_Modem_XXUEMJ5_and_LTE_Modem_XXUBMH1.tar file with odin by selecting phone.
**If you are having the new bootloader flash GSM_Modem_XXUEMJ5_and_LTE_Modem_XXUEMJ5.tar file with odin by selecting phone.
Go to Settings and make sure that modems flashed ok
4. Boot to recovery and flash Omega v16

Samsung Knox Warranty Void
Omega rom does not include bootloader and will not change your knox warranty status.

You can download Omega v16 from Omega’s Download Center
and from your device with Omega Files Pro app.
Omega Files Pro offers two fast Direct Links with pause and resume option.

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  • LiberCel

    Is the network drop that prompts upon lock screen fixed?

    • Kenni Magras

      Libercel… update your modem to j5 via Odin…

  • LiberCel

    Again. dropped network issue?

    • Kenni Magras

      Libercel… again…update your modem to j5 via Odin…

  • Lalit Kultham

    Sir how to find whether my phone is having new bootloader or old bootloader? Please help

    • Kenni Magras

      Lalit… when you boot into download mode (NOT recovery mode), any mention of KNOX on screen denotes NEW bootloader… if NO mention of KNOX then you have OLD bootloader. ..

      • Laurence Cutler

        I’m confused when it comes to bootloader and modems lol, I have no mention of knox on my download mode just a big triangle with ! in the middle, does that mean I have old bootloader? and I should flash mj5(new) or mh1(old)?

        • Kenni Magras

          Lol… you were a noob once too… help point them in the right direction instead of wasting the time of others that do…

  • Norbert

    4. Boot to recovery and flash Omega v16

    This means CWM recovery? (Or something like that)
    How can I install CWM without setting the KNOX counter to 0x1?

    Best regards

  • KicK

    I have a problem with my gps signal. is there anyone who knows a solution

    • KicK

      I’ve already solved. I have the Modem_I9505XXUEMK9 installed and the problem is solved

  • Rod

    hi, my connections shut down when I lock my phone. WHen I unlock I have to turn the phone to flight mode then back again in order to get the connections. Does someone know why that’s happening? Oddly enough, even when i have no connection (cant make out going calls), I can still receive calls and sms!! ?

  • Chameleon Smith

    I have new bootloader, XXUEMJ7, do I have to flash any other bootloader, or am I ok,, tried to install and got stuck in boot loop,,
    Sorry if I sound silly

  • cefur

    Always been fan of this Rom but unfortunately i am having a problem which many people are having and i have searched everywhere without any luck.

    My Singal keeps on dropping… as soon as i hit power button to lock the phone i also get disconnects from phone network. If i choose GSM network only from settings then it stays connected but then its only in 2G mode and speed and signal is super low.

    I have followed the above instruction and tried flashing both Modem XXUBMH1 and XXUEMJ5 but still no luck.

    I am using Internation s4 LTE version in Hong Kong and i dont believe bootloader is old or locked..

    Can some one please help?


    • cefur

      This problem only happened once i updated to 4.3 and if i go back to 4.2.2 then everything is perfectly as it should be.