Omega Rom v15 for Galaxy S5 G900F – G900I – G900M – G900T – G900W8 Android 5.0 lollipop released

Omega Rom Samsung S5

Omega Rom v15 for Galaxy S5 Android 5.0 Lollipop

Based on firmware DXU1BOC2 Android 5.0 (Date: 11/03/2015)
Omega kernel for G900F and Omega kernel for G900I
Build from Samsung LL sources
Build with Toolchain 4.8
Selinux status set to Permissive
ExFAt sdcard support
init.d support
Adb Insecure
App ops enabled at settings
sms save and restore option
Security warnings
More csc to choose as default during installation – new countries: ETL – Czech Republic & BRI – Taiwan
Omegas Multi csc updated with 32 new csc
Dolphin Browser
Google Drive
Google Play Books
Google Talkback
WiFi Scuduler
All mods from previous Omega lollipop 5.0 versions added
Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned
Rom is Full Wipe

Installation Instructions:
Omega Rom can be flashed only with a custom recovery.
This mean the knox will be triggered and your warranty will be void, more info:
All you wanted to know about KNOX Void Warranty 0×1
1. Backup your device (nadroid backup, titanium backup, efs backup … etc) and save the backup to a safe place.
2. Flash your variants stock Android 5.0 (Lollipop) firmware with odin (or flash only Lollipop bootloader and modems with odin, G900F users can download them from here, for the other variants you have to find them yourselfs)
3. Flash a custom recovery (Latest TWRP and Philz are the recommended ones) with odin
4. Boot to Recovery and flash Omega with full wipe, first boot will take about 10 to 15 minutes

You can download Omega v15 from Omega’s Download Center
and from your device with Omega Files Pro app.
Omega Files Pro offers two fast Direct Links with pause and resume option.

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  • Yayo

    Found a bug (it seems). On my phone it claims that there is no sim card inserted. It just keeps reconnecting to the provider and disconnecting claiming that there is no service and that showing me that there infact is service. OmegaDroid 4.4.2 still works perfectly fine.

  • Tom

    Can’t use my phone anymore.
    Updated today to v15 ( G900F ) . After startup there is a message “UI was stopped” . After I clicked ok, the message comes up again and again and again ….

    Tried to kill the UI task over the task manager – nothing happend, still got this message .

    Reinstalled the ROM . Again this Message
    Tried to switch from “stock” to “omega” Rom … same problem.

    • Al B

      I had same issue. Tried reinstalling several ways, willing caches, etc. Nice to know stock to omega had same issue.

    • Terry

      Did you wipe EVERYTHING before install the Lollipop?
      It is a NEW OS thats why you have to flash the “stock” AFTER you “Factory reset” and may need to do it again after the flashing and initial setup before the Omega…

  • Fabiano Matuszak

    the framework of Xposed is working in this update?

    • Andrew

      No man. Xposed isn’t supported on any stock Samsung roms

  • Ruter JR

    dont have CSC ZTO to Brazil?