Omega Rom for Galaxy S3 I9300 v51 Android 4.3 released

Omega Rom for Galaxy S3 I9300 v51

Based on XXUGMJ9 Android 4.3 (Date: 26/10/2013)
Kernel Stock XXUGMJ9
Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned
Rom is No Full Wipe
**Full changelog posted here

Installation Instructions for Omega v51:
1. Backup (efs – titanium backup etc)
2. Copy Omega rom to your device
3. Flash a custom recovery
4. Boot to recovery and Install Omega rom

You can download Omega v51 from Omega’s Download Center
and from your device with Omega Files Pro app.
Omega Files Pro offers two fast Direct Links with pause and resume option.

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  • oomahey

    I guess the changelog log is yet to be updated? 🙂

    • omegadroid

      Fixed 🙂


    EFS Backup IS MANDATORY !!!!

    • pesix

      How? the best way to backup EFS???


    Hey guys, I have a question:

    I have 4.2.2 installed, to flash the 4.3, I have to do the wipes?


    • Omdatura

      I’d do it



  • Yovel López

    This ROM don’t have LAG when Unlock Screen? how it the battery life??

    • Marcello Marcellini

      Super LAG… 🙁

  • Martin

    There are 2 quite big bugs

    1) extremely long lag after pushing unlock button to unlock menu

    2) homescreen doesn’t rotate as in previous versions


    While you see it or better wait for the polish


    hi guys from barcelona. And I have installed and rolling, perfect moment.

  • Marcello Marcellini

    lag lag lag…also after full wipe 🙁

  • sedfrey galope

    Hi Omegadroid Team,

    Thank you so much for putting your efforts in developing a 4.3 based samsung rom (Omega v51). However, i would just like to report some minor bugs in the ROM and I hope your respective team can have it removed.

    Here are the bugs that I’ve found after 3 days of using the ROM:

    • It takes a long time (approximately 30-45 secs.) for the screen to go to the unlock screen after pressing the menu button/power button from sleep mode.

    • wallpaper glitches while scrolling through different homescreens.

    • noticeable lags while transitioning from one app to another (e.g. from Flipboard to the Facebook app)

    So far, these are some of the annoying bugs that I’ve found out. If it would help, i’ll try to send a screenshot of the wallpaper glitches that i’ve noticed.

    One more thing, i hope you can add the App killer w/ holding the menu/options button (the button to the left of the home button if you know what i mean).

    Anyways, more power to your team and thank you!


    Hi Guys:

    My experience after a few days of use.

    Lag in the transition between screens. The battery does not last more than 8 hours. There are applications that once used, if you try to open them again, closed directly (TASK)….

  • Sameer Khojla

    Omega Rom V51 for S3 Android 4.3 is freezing and bug in it so i restored my 50.1 Nandroid and its works good. I hope Android 4.4 will fix the Problems

  • Peter

    lag when unlock the fone and I did not find Omega settings. Could you guys help me. I just want to turn on auto recording phone call. Thank you

    • Görkem Akyıldız

      I installed the original i9300 4.3 rom for England from sammobile it has got same bugs too

  • hussain

    hi, i installed Omega v51 (4.3) ,i have problem with the battry shown the wifi is always ON !! but i didnt use it

  • Omdautra

    Careful Samsung put on hold this update as it is quite unstable. Haven’t tried the V51 but I guess it does the same. I came back on 4.1.2.

  • Görkem Akyıldız

    Hello there! I am using Omega Rom v51 for S3 i9300(Android 4.3) since tihs Monday(11.11.2013) and I was upgraded from Omega rom v49 for S3 i9300(Android 4.2.2) I have not did a full wipe. There are very much lags at lockscreen. For an example I’m pressing home or power button my phone opens lock screen a few seconds later[min 1-2 secs max 1-2 mins(really)] and there are lags at bootanimation. There is a android-omega-clothed is walking and at the first its moves are really slow a few secs later it will turn to normal. But i think and hope omegadroid team will make a new Android 4.3 omega rom. Because this rom is fully disappointment for omega rom users. Good luck for Omegadroid workers. Have a good day for who reads this.

  • tim11

    I appeal Roma Omega case you could not make a rom for galaxy i9305 device such as I love very much that your rum Omega and do not know where to turn to you waiting for a reply thanks

  • guest

    Hi all. I have notice alot of lag from the lock screen to come on after pressing the home key or power key also random shutdown. But I did manage to find a work around about the lag and random shut down. I have installed a custom kernel. I’m currently using googy-max and disabled the Gentle-fair-sleepers in Stweaks. If you are still using the rom. Try a custom kernel that supports the rom 4.3. It has worked out for me. I just offered advise. I am not responsible for any one phone that gets damaged.

  • Cedric Mui

    huge battery comsumption , and sometimes lag few seconds when unlock screen .

    • Nadmaj Espiritu

      please refer to our xda support thread and provide proper details on how you installed the rom and if you flashed other mods/themes outside omega files..

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