Get Now: Galaxy Note 3 features for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100!

Earlier this week, we published the Official Android 4.3 update for Galaxy Note 2 N7100 here.

I am guessing that you are disappointed like me. There are zero Note 3 features! Samsung disappointed us again.
But, this is your lucky day. I have teamed up(tamirda) with dr.ketan and we have succeeded to port most of the features of the Note 3 to the Official Note 2 update XXUEMK4(we will update the mod for other versions when they come out) :

  • Note 3 Launcher
  • Note 3 Multiwindow
  • Note 3 Fully Working Aircommand
  • Note 3 One Handed Option Fot all screens
  • Note 3 Keyboard – Thanks avivalder
  • Note 3 SNote
  • Note 3 My Files
  • Note 3 Contacts and Phone (with option for popup incoming notifications)
  • Note 3 Browser
  • Note 3 S Planner
  • Note 3 S Finder, Pen Window, Scrapbooker
  • Note 3 Apps like SketchBook, Evernote and more
  • Note 3 Gallery
  • Note 3 Writing Buddy
  • Note 3 My Magazine
  • And much more!

As for now, there are zero bugs. Which means: Who needs Note 3 when you have Note 2 ? 🙂

Some pictures from the mod:

sn68.png pst3.png npwl.png jre1 70vz


So, if you are on rooted stock XXUEMK4 and want to experience Note 3 features on your Note 2, head over to the official thread with installation instructions and downloads:



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  • cetrero23

    Thanks a lot Tamirda, Dr.Ketan, i have been enjoying both of yoy guys Rom’s, now this is the best rom for the n7100 avaliable. Feels like i have a new phone.

  • what about the new camera firmware?

    • Tamir Daniel

      The new camera firmware requires better hardware, which we don’t have on Note 2.

  • dutchman

    Are you adding this to your omega rom for note 2

  • kevin

    Great job team superb but i am not able post on xda so posting here please answer me Do we need deodexed rom or only rooted will work?

    • Tamir Daniel

      I have written it in the XDA thread, check it.

      • kevin

        Yes i saw that but i am little confused with all the post over there about it because when we add one more rom it will take more space on device so want to install mod on my official stock rom only so deodexed is required if i do only root ? work fine?

  • Radman Raja Pršić

    Omega is the best rom in custom roms.Indie air command is a beautiful thing,put it in your rom v19.Thanks.

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  • Abdulhafee

    thanks for note 3 feature, I sincerely request to port note 3 camera also on note 2

  • marc

    need some help after installing v19 w/ note3 pack , anything that has to do with samsung apps crashes like when clicking remote controls in security and when clicking the accounts/samsung/sync all. any help on this matter. thanks a lot in advance

  • kevin

    Hi Tamirda thanks for answer me now i deodexed my rom and its rooted and you just release new version of this mod but before installing i got any FC after installing this mod what should i do with that can answer me please i want to flash this mod i use philz recovery

  • kevin

    Hello i install that v2 but not going after note screen why?

  • hafiz

    Do i have to root my note2 before I update to 4.3? Thanks

  • intezar

    i have rootet note 2 gt n7100 device with 4.3 xxuemk4 but after root supersu doesn’t work because a pre loaded apps KNOX in4.3 xxuemk4 it doesn’t give permission to root or install rom on ur device SO please suggest me how knox to remove knox THNX

  • THX1971

    This may be a dumb question – but will this work with a 4.4.2 ROM (Such as PA or CM11)?

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  • Philip Van Cleven

    Thanks for the mod but now I have a problem : updated rom to Omega v24 with new kernel XXUENB2 … and the mod makes the note2 unstable resulting in unexpected restarts/reboots … will the mod be ported to the new kernel?


  • hafiezyS

    For note 2 XXUEMK1 also can flash this rom?or it need to upgrade to XXUEMK4?