Kalagas Mixed Theme for Galaxy Note II

Kalagas Mixed Theme for Galaxy Note II




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Important: Before doing anything take a Nandroid Backup just in case…

Important: No one can use my icons WITHOUT my permissions. I made all icons from scratch and spended many many hours working in front of PC, so please respect my efforts!!!

Important: DO NOT make downloading mirrors for my Themes. I want to control all downloads, so please respect that too!!!


I must say a BIG THANK to:

  • Omega Team and especially ::indie:: for giving us such beautiful ROMs.
  • Villain Team (for making the amazing VillainTheme System)


Kalagas Mixed Theme Description:

  • Colorful HD icons based on green color.
  • All .pngs have been optimized.


Instalation Instructions:

  • Download Kalagas_Mixed_Theme_N7100_xxxxx_xxxxx_vx.x.zip and put it in the root folder of your sdcard (Important: Put it in the root folder of your Internal SDCard and NOT in your External SDCard).
  • Reboot in Recovery Mode.
  • Wipe cache AND dalvik-cache.
  • Choose install zip from internal sdcard.
  • Find and Apply the Kalagas_Mixed_Theme_N7100_xxxxx_xxxxx_vx.x.zip.
  • Wait until all the procedure finishes (it may take up to 5-10 minutes, so DO NOT stop the procedure).
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Enjoy Kalagas Mixed Theme.


Other Instructions:

  • Kalagas Themes contain many application that may be updated through Play Store, such as Gmail, Google Play Store etc. So if you have updated any of these applications from Play Store, you have to convert it to system app with Titanium Backup, before applying Kalagas Theme.


Download links for Omega ROMs based on JellyBean 4.3 (please DO NOT make downloading mirrors):




Download links for Samsung Stock ROMs based on JellyBean 4.3 (please DO NOT make downloading mirrors):




Good Luck… And don’t forget I don’t have any kind of responsibility if something happens to your Phone… (i always say that just in any case)…


If you like my work, feel free to buy me a beer…




  1. Version 1.0: First release (contains 49 themed apks).

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About kalagas

Food Technologist - Android Recognized Themer - OmegaDroid Editor. Owner of a Quality Consultants company named FoodSafe. Serial Icon maker for Android Smartphones.
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  • Pollpixx

    Look great, but on omega v21 WiFi is broken. I tried to full wipe, I tried the WiFi fix, and still it is not working.

  • hpourano

    also here the same. in omega 21 wifi broken. restored from nanddroid and now ok. please fix it my friend kalagas. the phone is no fun using without your theme

    • kalagas

      What do you mean “Wifi is broken”? It doesn’t work? Cause there is no way for my Theme to make Wifi not to work. My Theme is changing only icons. No coding at all…

      • hpourano

        I believe you my dear friend, but i tried again today and after the apply of the zip in TWRP (from thew rootof the internal SD and clear cache/dalvick) the Note II stuck on “samsung” animation. i left it there for ten minutes just to see, but sadly the same. So restored from nanddroid…

        Note that I have omega v.21 + Note3.5 mod installed. Dont know if this has to do with something, but check it out if you can

        Thanks and greetings from a fellow greek!!!

        and many wishes and happy new year

        • pantale

          Just found that reinstalling Note 3.5 mod after theme restores wifi access…

          • kalagas

            As I have said many times I can’t make a theme for every mod out there. My themes are 100% compatible with Omega ROMs and Samsung’s Stock ROMs. If you applied anything else (mod, other theme etc) maybe there is an inconvenience. And maybe you have to re apply the mods you have after installing my Theme. My Theme doesn’t contain any kind of coding, contains only icons, so it’s difficult (impossible) to cause any kind of problems if you install it in right ROMs (Omega or Stock)

          • hpourano

            I Figured it out!!!

            1. Install Omega v21

            2. Reboot to recovery

            3. Wipecache/dalvick

            4. Install kalagas theme

            5. Reboot

            6. Install Note3 mod

            7. Wipe cache/dalvick

            8. Reboot

            And everything works fine (except internet that FCs and Scrapbook that FCs)

            I have finished doing it right now and with this order works. And After Step 8 WiFi Works

            You Were right my friend. Its not your fault

          • kalagas

            Ok but then you will loose most of my Theme, as the Note MOD v3.5, contains many apks that i have themed… framework-res.apk, SecSettings.apk, SecGallery2013.apk, SecPhone.apk, etc

  • pantale

    Same for me concerning wifi broken. Unable to switch on wifi after applying the theme. Had to revert to previous nandroid backup.

  • Sammobile

    After full wipe & install omega v21. I turn off my device (not restart) & go to CWM install Kalagas theme. I has many FC (Super User, Gmail, Play Store, Google Service,…) & wifi broken. So sad…

  • pantale

    I tried to reinstall the theme on a fresh ROM install WITHOUT the Note 3.5 mod.
    Wifi is still broken after theme install !

  • Mayur Maru

    wifi not working in this theme 🙁

  • guillerys

    Asi es amigos no trabaja el wifi he probado las versiones 19 y 21 y cuando cambio el tema a kalagas ya no funciona el wifi,soy asiduo seguidor de omega espero lo solucionen lo mas pronto, gracias, soy de Perú

  • Weirui Jiang

    why not work wifi?

  • Weirui Jiang

    omega rom v22 wifi no work, help pls