HTC M8 To Be The First HTC Device With On-Screen Navigation Buttons?


Struggling HTC’s next flagship device has been quite the talk of the town thanks to various leaks and rumors about it. We’ve already heard that it will feature a larger display, better camera technology, and that the device will debut in March. Even the device’s stock wallpapers have already been leaked.

And now according to evleaks, the M8 or the HTC One 2014 Edition will be the first HTC smartphone use on-screen buttons instead of hard button keys. On-screen navigation bars has been used by nexus devices, and you can also see it on other devices running CM/AOSP based ROMs.

What we get from this new leak though if it is true is that this gives HTC more space to make the screen larger without increasing the phone’s size. Your thoughts, would you prefer your HTC One (2014) to have physical buttons or would you rather see them on screen? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • LucifersTear

    Personally, not a huge fan of on screen navigation buttons. To me is sort of defeats the object.
    Why rave about the screen getting bigger if you have 5 or so mm redundant as buttons?
    I get that this saves the manufacturer a chuck of money having it software-driven over physical but it’s nice to know that whatever you’re doing there a nice big button that overrides everything n keeps you in control.

    Personally I would feel I am at the whim of the OS without a home key.
    By all means, make it smaller or even put them on the bottom edge but keep them.

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