Coming soon? KitKat update for the Galaxy Lineup


All major smartphone manufacturers (HTC, Sony, Motorola) wasted no time in announcing and releasing the Android 4.4 KitKat update, in order to improve their sales numbers, attract more customers and still keep the loyal ones. Samsung, however, kept quiet and only rolled out 4.3 updates for Galaxy Note 2 and S3. The latter proved to be a bit soon and was put on hold. Now a document leaked from the Samsung R&D (India), showing a Kitkat update timeline for their best selling Galaxy series.

There’s no real proof, whether this document is real on not, but we should expect an official announcement in December. Apparently TouchWiz UI services are being integrated to the latest Android 4.4. Hopefully that will give the flagships better smoothness, stability, multi-tasking and friendlier RAM usage.



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  • Zeus

    Seriously The Galaxy S3 has missed the 4.2, 4.3 and now we have to wait till March for 4.4 I’m starting to think my experiment of trying out andriod as well as my iphone is pretty much a huge win for the iPhone. Samsung is a huge company its not like they have anything to prove in keeping the S4 users ahead of the S3. We’re like 4/6 months away from the S5.

    • Yeah

      I have to agree on this S3 problem, jumping 4.2 it’s bad enough, getting the 4.3 by the time Google releases 4.4 is even worse. Then they pull out 4.3 and hope people are ok with waiting until March-April? Which in Samsung means June if ever…
      HTC, LG, Sony, don’t know witch but I don’t think I’ll stick with Samsung if this keeps happening.

  • Yedija Vanutama

    How about Note 10.1 original?

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